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Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.


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Musings: on Happiness

I believe that in our most natural state, humans are basically happy. However, very few "natural" humans are left out there 'in the wild' so to speak. You'll find most of us in 'civilization' now, where worry, fear and peer pressure often squash our natural happiness.

But, we still have a right and need to experience happiness. When we are happy our bodies are healthier, our lives become fulfilling, and we cheer others around us.

After air, water, food, and security--what do we really want? Happiness.

Even if we say "What I really want is "more money" or "a new job" or "to find the love of my life" the reason we want those things is because we hope/think they will make us happy.

We seek happiness like plants seek the sun. And we should, because happiness makes us healthy.

Humans are resilient beings. We can be happy even under the hardest circumtances. But sometimes we get stuck, and happiness seems out of reach, even when things on the surface appear alright. What then?

Then it is time to give all our emotions a moment under the sun: sadness as well as joy, anger as well as calm. To accept ourselves where we are. Acceptance nurtures real happiness, like water on young plants. Happiness grows from loving yourself, being with yourself, forgiving yourself. Happiness comes from caring about others, our communities, our world.

Everybody needs some space once in a while. Space to be free, dance, sing or yell, get some counseling, laugh with a friend, be silly, or whatever. Go ahead, escape the zoo for a few hours. We're rooting for you!

--Evan Kimble. August, 2008