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Musings: on getting help

Isn't there a song that goes: "Everybody needs somebody, some time"?

I think counseling is one of the all-time great activities, and should be available to any and all people.

A lot of the time, we can get the counseling we need from a loved one or friend. Laughing at the absurdities of life with a best friend, or sharing comfort with a partner--that's good medicine!

But sometimes we need to call on someone from outside the system. When we feel stuck. Or when we know the truth in our heads, but our hearts just can't believe it. Or when we need a super-safe, private environment to sort out something messy and complex. Or when those memories won't let us be. Or when we want to talk it out and not have someone tell us how to fix it. Or when our worries won't let us sleep. Or when we are really ready to change things, and are looking for new approaches.

As a counselor, I have my counselors, mentors and advisors. Sponsors have their sponsors. Teachers have their teachers.

At times, when working with a client, I have moments where I know I am in the presence of greatness. The natural healing force within a human is
awe-inspiring. In these moments, I feel the arbitrary divide between counselor and client. In this lifetime, in this moment, I am the counselor, holding space for you, sharing my knowlege and compassion with you. In some other lifetime, it might have gone the other way--you the counselor, and me the client.

Counseling is a process, a segment of the journey, a scene in the movie of life. Counseling has a beginning, middle and end. It's not forever. It's just a chapter where we wanted some more help, from someone who can really hold the space, bring expert knowlege and tools, and be there, really be there with us, through this thing, till the sun rises again.

--Evan Kimble