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  The Universe isn't broken and neither are you. - Haven Treviņo


How do you counsel teenagers?

I greatly enjoy connecting with teenagers and providing them a safe place to sort out their thoughts and feelings.

Teenagers experience change at an accelerated rate. One day can be fantastic, the next, a disaster. The biggest questions are in play: Who am I? What do I believe in? What is the right path for me?

Similar to my work with adults, I like to meet teenagers where they are, to gently get to know their thoughts, hopes, and fears. Together we will develop goals for therapy, and build courage and resilience to succeed in life. This can be a place for you to speak freely, be heard fairly, and get a little feedback, if you want it.

Often, parents and teenagers find they have trouble getting through to each other. There is confusion, built-up resentment, hurt feelings, and unfulfilled expectations. If desired, I can assist you to express yourself clearly to your parents so they can hear you too. If teenagers and parents are all willing, we can meet together, explore these topics, and clear the air. We can learn new ways of solving problems collaboratively, so everybody gets a voice.

I have found that in many families there is a huge amount of love and appreciation that has gone unfelt or unspoken. When this love and appreciation can be voiced, when clear communication can occur, feelings of trust and relief pour forth. A sense of worth emerges and the courage to face the challenges of life returns. As mutual respect increases, difficulties in school or at home decrease.

We are innately creative beings. Not all situations are win-win, but many beautiful compromises can be discovered.