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  Give yourself permission to be exactly who you are.

A place to start

So many people want to feel more joy in life. We want to be seen, heard and loved. We want to know and understand ourselves. We want life to be meaningful. It can be!

Many times over, we are told we aren't good enough. From culture, from authority figures, from the media, we get the message that to be accepted, we have to be different from who we are. Over time, we may learn how to 'fit in', often by burying our true selves and our real feelings.

But to get that joy, to know ourselves, to really connect with others and have a meaningful life, we have to be ourselves. There may be stuff we want to change--in ourselves or in others. To really change it, we have to start by being where we are and who we are. This self-awareness helps us get ready to grow and change.

Being where-you-are helps you know where you want to go. Being
who-you-are empowers you to create your true road to a fulfilling life.

Being where-you-are and who-you-are isn't mysterious, but it does take honesty and practice. It can start with the simple act of breathing, and gently smiling. If you can offer a little fresh air and compassion to yourself, to your hurt, anger or fear, then greater change can follow.

I believe that each one of us contains natural and powerful abilities to be loving, compassionate, and healthy. Each one of us can be confident, balanced and wise. We can heal trauma, make effective choices, and renew our relationships with ourselves, humanity and nature.

If you are looking for assistance on this journey, I can help. In our practice together, you and I can nurture these abilities, and watch them grow.